Oncall Live Video Streaming


The Oncall Live Video System enables emergency services to use a Fire Cam wifi capable helmet camera to send live video and audio signals by tethering the camera to a smartphone and streaming to the Oncall private network server via the 3G or 4G network.  The optional real time GPS location of the user can also be sent to the Oncall private network server.

All of the cameras from your department are located within your own private organization account on the Oncall Network Server, allowing Dispatch, Management or Incident Command to securely manage the access of the live streams.  Multiple viewers can connect in real-time from the web via computer, iPhone / iPad, and Android devices, and the live streams can be recorded onto the Oncall server for post event analysis and training.  The users camera will also record higher resolution video and audio onto an SD card located inside of the camera.

Traditionally, voice communication is a primary means of “describing” the conditions of a fire, but this can be open to interpretation.  Oncall offers “live situational awareness video.”  To be able to see what is happening in the field, rather than having to imagine what it looks like, gives you the advantage of “knowing” rather than “guessing” what is happening at an incident.

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