Fire Cam Warranty


Abuse of Camera IS NOT covered under warranty. Fire Cam warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for 12 months from date of purchase unless otherwise specified. The Fire Cam Mini HD and the Fire Cam 1080 Fire Helmet Cameras warranty are limited to the replacement or repair of the defective item at no charge if we determine the item to be defective. This warranty also includes the "Fire Cam Damage" warranty. If the cameras components get damaged in a fire, you are covered for one free replacement. This warranty shall not apply to any item subject to misuse including such as failure by buyer to follow instructions, product modification, ordinary wear and tear, negligent or improper operation. Modification, repair, or attempted repair by anyone other than Fire Cam or without the written permission of Fire Cam will void this warranty. This warranty covers the cost of factory repair, labor and parts on eligible equipment which is returned. Equipment, which is repaired under this warranty will be returned freight prepaid. If it is determined that the Fire Cam does not need repair, the purchaser shall pay for return shipping charges.

Disclaimer: Fire Cam does not assume any responsibility for any accidents or injuries incurred to the user of the Fire Cam Fire Helmet Camera.


Firefighting is a dangerous activity and should only be performed by a trained professional. The end user of Fire Cam products assumes all responsibility connected with the use of this product including but not limited to continuing education, and activity that conforms to local Standard Operating Procedures. Neither the manufacturer nor any distributor assumes any liability for injuries sustained while using Fire Cam products. The Fire Cam® Fire Helmet Cameras™ are manufactured of anodized aluminum, and may retain heat for several minutes after being exposed to a heated environment such as a structure re or training re so it needs to be handled with care. The end user is responsible for installation consistent with the mounting instructions, as well as regular safety inspections of the BlackJack Holder and Fire Cam Fire Helmet Cameras. For further questions, please go to FireVideo.net under the "contact us" page.

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