About Us

About Us

Fire Cam is a firefighter owned and operated business. Our fire helmet cameras are SPECIFICALLY designed, industry leading, and are revolutionizing the fire service industry. They have been heat tested between 500F – 2000F and can be a valuable tool for training, incidents, critique and fire investigations. At Fire Cam, we are dedicated to making our customers satisfied with all transactions. Any manufacturing defects are covered under warranty and can be exchanged within the warranty period. We also offer the "Fire Cam Damage Warranty FREE". Please be careful of fake "Fire Helmet Cameras™" sold elsewhere. Watch the HEAT TEST video that Fire Cam passed, while other cameras failed.  If its not stamped "FIRE CAM," it's NOT A FIRE HELMET CAMERA™.


Why Fire Cam?

Fire Cam has built its reputation for industry leading, rugged and lightweight body worn cameras for public safety since 2007. With over 60,000 customers wordwide, we are always on the leading edge of new technology and strive to constantly integrate this from our customers feedback. Our body worn cameras are SPECIFICALLY designed, industry compliant and are revolutionizing the public serviceindustry. They have been tested in the most rugged environments and can be a valuable tool for incidents, training, critique and investigations.

Competing against over 600 global contestants, Fire Cam was awarded within the top 8 finalist from the Worldwide Technologies Innovation World Cup hosted in Munich Germany in 2014 and recently won the #1 spot for the top 10 Body Worn Cameras in the June 2015 issue of Tactical Life Magazine. The Oncall Evidence Management System is extremely user friendly for officers and keeps an audit trail of every action taken so there is complete transparency over the history of the recordings. Fire Cam will always focus on understanding the evolving needs of today's emergency responders and creating one-to-one relationships with police and fire departments around the world with our newest technology. 


About Rob

Rob Schield, Founder

Rob Schield has been a firefighter for over 20 years. From 1992 - 1996 he enlisted in the US Navy as a Damage Controlman (fire instructor). His job was to train the ships crew in firefighting, flooding control and chemical, biological and radiological warfare. After the military Rob worked as a Fire Service Technician, a Volunteer Fire Captain and then Assistant Fire Chief for the Midway Fire Dept. In 1999 he accepted a full time position as a Firefighter with the East St. Louis Fire Dept IAFF 23 where he is a career firefighter still today. In 2006 he decided to film a house fire with a small helmet camera attached to his fire helmet. On the 1st day he captured a fully involved house fire and uploaded it to Break.com where the video went viral with 200,000 views in 2 days (CLICK HERE to see the video still posted by Break.com). From then he started the business "The Fire Helmet Cam™" and began reselling helmet cameras to firefighters across the USA. The company quickly grew and now "Fire Cam®" manufactures the ONLY High Definition Fire Helmet Cameras™ for the Fire Service today. Gaining support for excellent customer service, Fire Cam has sold over 60,000 cameras to Police and Fire agencies all over the world. Fire Cam is constantly busy developing new video products for the emergency service industry but customer service on a one on one basis and is always the top of Fire Cam's list. You can contact us at 618-416-8390 or by going to the Contact Us page.

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